Seqnc is a software as a service (SaaS) application for a business to create a financial model online and provide assumptions to forecast financial statements, SaaS metrics, and other measures. A user does not need specialized finance expertise to build a model with Seqnc software.
Seqnc’s solution is designed to be spreadsheet-friendly because of the flexibility and familiarity of spreadsheets. Our software lets a user provide inputs through a spreadsheet – either online or as a downloaded file and even add their own sheets. And our software does not require the user to input any formulas to generate reports.
Yes! For example, Seqnc would be ideal if you are a product manager and need to forecast only recognized/deferred revenues and SaaS/subscription metrics, and don’t need to model costs and expenses. And, of course, you can create a full model if that’s what you need. Our software if flexible and modular, and you can create your model in any order and modify/add to it at any time.
Seqnc has a sophisticated set of accounting policy options and features for finance professionals. These include revenue/expense deferral and recognition, capital planning and cash requirements, starting balance sheet roll forward, non-cash line items, and scenario planning.
Seqnc help you create financial and SaaS metrics projections for any purpose – raise capital, manage your business, or track performance. Our software generates a full set of comprehensive reports, including P&L, capital requirements, headcount summary, cash flows. You can download any report as a Microsoft Excel file and share easily.
Definitely. You can create a budget with ease, and without having to write any scripts/formulas to spread costs or express trends. The software produces a budget summary report for this purpose. Seqnc does much more than budgeting, though.
Seqnc automatically generates a forecast of a range of metrics based on your sales, business model, churn, and other assumptions. These include: MRR, LTV, customer net adds, net churn, revenue backlog, subscription billings. You also have the option to compute CAC and LTV/CAC.
Seqnc is applicable for any type of business – whether subscription/SaaS, non-recurring, or a combination.
No. There is no upfront setup required to use Seqnc – just create an account and start using the software. The only setup required is if you use the forecast to actual module and want to connect with your accounting system – it’s not a requirement, however.

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