The easiest way to forecast financials and SaaS metrics

to raise capital and manage your business

Cloud financial modeling and SaaS metrics software

to build a fully custom model online

Get things done

What modeling task do you need to complete today?
Forecast financials, estimate capital requirements, understand SaaS metrics, analyze impact of key assumptions, track actual to plan. It's easy with Seqnc.

Designed for SaaS, applicable for any business

We know that modeling for SaaS is complicated so we made that a core part of our product.
But our product works just fine for non recurring and other models as well.
We can help no matter what your business is.

Build a model that suits your business

Your business is unique so we don't assume a one-size-fits-all approach.
Customize your model without scripts/coding, and build a model from scratch or just import a template and adapt to your requirements.

For finance pros and non-finance users

For finance pros, we offer the finance/accounting and modeling options you'd expect.
If you're in product, sales, or operations, select a plan that meets your needs
and create only what you need - our product needs no finance expertise.

Simple account setup

Seqnc does not require any upfront integrations or professional services. Just set up an account and start using our software to see how it simplifies tasks for you. Our software automates all calculations anytime you make changes - so you can focus on your business assumptions and insights.

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