Financial Modeling, Forecasting, and SaaS metrics.
Just like that. Absolutely Excel-friendly.

Easily create custom financial models and use for financial planning, analysis, forecasting, and measuring key performance metrics (including SaaS).

Easy to set up. Effortless modeling.

Set up an account easily and start using our software to see how it simplifies financial modeling and forecasting for you. No upfront integrations or services required to get started. Our software automates all calculations anytime you make changes - so you can focus on your business assumptions and insights. Learn more.

Customize. No coding involved.

Every business is unique. A one-size-fits-all approach cannot solve all different scenarios and requirements. Our software is completely flexible to customize your financial model without any scripts or coding and build a model from scratch or import your own template. Learn more.

Designed for SaaS. Applicable for any business.

We know Financial Modeling for SaaS is complicated. That's why we've made it as a core module of our software. Seqnc works perfectly to build a model and track key performace metrics even for non-recurring and other subscription models. Bottom line, We can help no matter what your business is. Learn more.

One account. Support multiple companies.

Create a model and share it with your clients instantly. If you're a finance consultant with multiple clients, the solution allows for dynamic multi-client management under one account. It doesn't matter if the companies are different in their product offering, costs, and other assumptions. Learn more.

Seamless Financial Modeling.
Save Time and Effort.



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